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Wine Salt FAQ

Wine salt is exactly as it sounds – salt that’s infused with wine.  It is used as a seasoning and can be used anytime you’d use salt.  It adds a touch of acidity, a tonne of flavor, and all of the flavor benefits of salt.

  • What is Wine Salt?
    Wine Salts are salt blends made with wine. We use up to 2⁄3 cup of wine in every jar along with simple aromatics to bring out the natural wine flavor. The same way a splash of wine will perk up your food, a sprinkle of Wine Salt will perk up the flavor of any dish you put it on.
  • How do you use wine salts?
    How to Use Red Wine Salt Use as a dry rub on meats and fish. Use as a finishing salt on any dish – including raw, chopped veggies like fresh tomatoes. Sprinkle a tiny amount on chocolate baked goods. Add to pasta dishes. Rub on meat before searing. Add to spice blends.Add to entree-style salads.
  • How long does red wine salt last?
    We love wine salt and have been making it for years. Basically, it is a simple season salt which combines a wine reduction with salt and herbs. It is delicious, simple to make and will last up to 6 months on your pantry shelf.
  • Where else can I find Wine Salt?
    Starting a company in Central Oregon has been such an incredible adventure, and these amazing business partners have made it easy for you to find Wine Salt in this area and beyond. Redmond: Schoolhouse Produce Aromé Kitchen Store Rod’s Quality Meats Rod’s Quality Meats Redmond Smokehouse Bend: Newport Market Local Acres Central Oregon Locavore Wild Petals Provisions Sisters: The Gallimaufry Madras: La Petite Maison Outside Central Oregon: Ginger Roots - Lincoln City Bear Creek Artichokes - Outside Pacific City
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