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Dry Canyon
Salt Company
Redmond, Oregon


You know wine. You know salt. But do you know Wine Salt?

Dry Canyon Salt Company creates small-batch, hand-crafted, gourmet Wine Salt Blends. We combine wine infused salt with herbs and spices for a unique rich product that enhances the flavor of your food. 

Simple Ingredients Sophisticated Taste

Dry Canyon Salt Company offers three distinct wine salt blends that allow the home cook to custom flavor their food.

Custom Flavors


Red Wine Blend

Use as a dry rub for steaks and chops
Sprinkle on roasted vegetables
Boost the flavor of your tomato sauce
Glass rimmer for bloody marys


White Wine Blend

Use to marinate fish or chicken
Sprinkle on sauteed vegetables
Mix into scrambled eggs
Glass rimmer for margaritas


Rosé Wine Blend

Season Ahi before searing
Sprinkle over grilled fruit
As a finishing salt for salads

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Our Story

Speciality Wine Salt for Every Taste

Dry Canyon Salt Company is a woman-owned family business located in Redmond, the heart of Oregon. We create small-batch, handcrafted,  gourmet Wine Salt Blends. 

"Was skeptical about wine-flavored salt upon first trying it at your vending booth during the Seafood and Spirits Festival in Garibaldi, Oregon last month, but gave it the benefit of the doubt and bought a jar of the Dry Canyon Salt Company Red Wine Blend to take back home to Portland… and have been using it ever since! Just purchased four gift packs to distribute among friends and to use here at home as well. Tres bon!"

Dan P. - Portland, Oregon

From Our Family to Yours

Most people want to cook delicious meals for family and friends, but are busy, and intimidated by long ingredient lists and “strange” spices. From our family to yours, we created these Wine Salt Blends to inspire creativity in the kitchen and to bring out everyone’s inner chef.

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